Five by Five, 2019-2020  

When I came in as the ECD of the US office of Five by Five I began to shift our focus towards user experience and creative technology. In an effort to take this new set of services to the market, I developed a sub-brand that could co-exist with or advertising focused brand.  Then COVID-19 showed up like the grim reaper at a holiday party.  Needless to say, there was a bit of refactoring that followed suit.

We have since brought in solid creative leadership in the UK, which has been fantastic for the company. As such, I will be working together with them and the ECD in Australia in the coming year to develop a strategy and execution that better represents us all moving forward. To this end, I’m not sure if any of this work will ever go prime time.

As Executive Creative directors, we at times get pushed into a role that is very distant from touching the work at the execution level.  One of the reasons I came to Five by Five was to get more hands-on as I get great pleasure and joy from crafting design. Thus, this is my baby and I’m very proud of it even if it never goes off to college. So, I thought I would pull it from the grave of a hard drive and show it off here…. For my own pleasure if nothing else.

 Special Thanks to:  

My dear friend Brendan Dawes for coloborating with me on the WebGL interactive content pieces.

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