Activision Blizzard Media, 2020  

Gallery of The Gamer is a compelling way to explore the six unique gamer personas that make up the gaming community. We crafted an art piece for each segment and backed them up with data visualizations resulting in a very engaging experience.

Project Scope:

Digital Strategy

Concept Development

Atrt Directing and Production

User Experience Design

UI Design
3D Design

WebGL Development
Frontend Development
 Special Thanks to the Five by Five Team:  

Executive Producer: Jesse Knaack
Executive Creative Director: Todd Purgason
Creative/Art Director Jacob Irwin
3D Design Director: Stephen McGinnis
Copywriter: Ree Nuygen
Front End Developer: Matt Gifford
Back End Developer (Activision): Peter Kang
WebGL Developer: Simo Santavirta 
3D Artist: Steve Talkowski
Illustrators: Shane Johnson, Dark Hoffman, Daniel Belchí Lorente

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