Personal, 2018 

Planning for the future... One train ride at a time.

In 2018 I took on a contract opportunity with Wunderman Thompson in San Diego which was a 90-minute train commute each way. On the way to work, I was working part of my workday. However, on the way home I had lots of time to kill. One nice thing about working for large agencies is they tend to have subscriptions to lots of valuable research data. Leveraging this, I poured into research on the existing and evolving state of technology trends. Which became the foundation for a business strategy to help guide my next agency client to position themselves for the coming of what we now have termed the “Multiverse''.

Project Scope:
Digital Strategy
Business Strategy
Creative Concepting
Art Direction
Visual Design

Presentation Development

Looking back at the strategy, especially the thought starters, I can see the power of combining data and creative thinking. From fortnight’s in-game concerts to NTFs many of them have actually come about in the last couple of years.

Shortly after formulating this strategy, I was recruited into the LA office of the privately owned and UK-based Five by Five. I brought this strategy in to help guide our efforts and encourage growth and evolution from a production-focused company into a future-focused digital agency. This was another great learning experience for me. Without empowerment and a motivated leadership team, bold visions or business strategies are short-lived. Having worked much of my career surrounded by adventurous and hard-working teams, I took for granted what it takes to be this ambitious as a company. This is no slight on Five by Five, it was really my miscalculation and probably hubris, in thinking I could lead them into becoming something they are not, and not really committed to becoming. The agency is full of good people I have been blessed to work with.  They are quite good at what they do for our clients. But helping to shape the future is not really what they are suited for.

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