Unexpected Acts of Grace  

This was a very personal project i did as a ministry for my church. The goal – inspire people to perform small acts of kindness which would act as invitations to Where they are presented with the gospel message illustrating Jesus’ ultimate act of grace, dieing on the cross, paying the price for our sins and offering us the free gift of salvation.

This was a unique project I designed and built the site using Simplice. Additionally, I produced, scripted, and edited the video.
 Special Thanks to:  

Jesus Christ for his Grace in my life. All Glory to God

Pastor Mark for coming up with the idea, asking me to help and for the copy .

David Orgill for the keen eye and skill in shooting the video.

Jacob Irwin for carrying that cross all over town and being our lead man.

Zack Travis for planting flowers at a women's shelter with me then pretending to not know Jake when he bout you coffee in the video haha.

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