One DX

 Wunderman Thompson, 2018 

In 2018, I was contracted by Wunderman Thompson to come in and save their longest running client relationship in the San Diego office. The project team at the agency had suffered a mass exodus following a layoff. I was tasked with rebuilding the creative team while quickly stepping into some significant project work and personally helping to make some rapid progress. Next, I was tasked with leading a pitch for Qualcomm’s new CMO to save the business, as she wanted to move the account to AKQA.

Thanks to my exceptional strategy partner Jenn Redmand and some other executive team members we were able to put together a compelling pitch convincing the CMO that we were the absolute best team to help her achieve success at Qualcomm. In fact we were so successful, the CMO surprised us all by giving promotions to our direct client and his boss in our conference room immediately following the presentation.

Project Scope:
Digital Strategy
UX Design
UI Design
Interaction Design
Art Direction

Executionally, I rebuilt and led the team that focused on the following three projects for Qualcomm:
  1. One DX - Building a self-service platform for marketing and selling chipsets that is projected to generate an additional $2-3 billion in revenue each year.
  2. Qualcomm Design System - Designing and building a robust design system consisting of a broad library of components, enabling different groups in the organisation to quickly and simply build webpages ranging from simple comms to ecommerce applications.
  3. Marketing Communications - Our team supported a variety of divisions within Qualcomm to execute a variety of communication and marketing objectives. We provided web pages and microsites leveraging our design system to quickly generate and deploy content in partnership with their advertising or content agencies.

In my time working with Qualcomm I helped the agency team get back on track, fostered a highly successful client agency collaboration that was able to deliver the Design System and the core components of One DX. The net result has transformed how Qualcomm sells to their customers and delivers marketing communications across the whole organization.

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