Five by Five, 2021 

COVID-19 changed our work culture for the foreseeable future. Our close-knit team became mere voices at the other end of a myriad of Zoom calls. Our creative work became washed out laggy presentations via screen share apps, and worst of all, our teammates began to feel lonely and disconnected.

We were challenged to find ways to build a remote company culture and feel more connected. We found ourselves living in our own separate realities, only interfacing through a screen and on Zoom calls.

In response, we began equipping some of our team members with Oculus Quest 2 devices, followed by trying out the handful of available collaboration apps/platforms.

Project Scope:
Concept Development

Research Study
UX Design

UI Design
Interaction Design

Webflow Development

We were surprised at how well it worked, so we progressed to involving the entire team. Feeling that our experience and learnings could be helpful to others that are struggling in similar ways, we were compelled to conduct a thorough study of the available collaboration apps. Then we created this website to share what we learned about working in the metaverse.  Getting this content out to our community who had the same problems and needs that we had was very important to us.

This was a personal passion project for me. Thus, you can blame me for any mistakes in the content, design, and development as I basically did it all myself. It was a great excuse to learn Webflow, great tool, for the development.

 Special Thanks to:  
Jake Irwin and Jesse Knaack who helped me out with doing a bunch of VR meetings. Also thanks to Jake for helping out with some of the illustrations.

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