Metajive, 2022 

HP Wolf Security exists to meet the increasingly sophisticated security threats out there, but the brand was lacking credibility in the space. I lead my talented team at Metajive in reshaping their product story and global website experience, allowing them to gain the reputation their powerful solutions deserve.

Project Scope:
Global Digital Stratgy
UX Design
UI Design
Lottie Animation

Working with my amazing team strategist Harriet Nicholson, Sr UX designer David Panarelli and copywriter CD Matt Garthoff we went to work gaining a deep understanding of HP Wolf Security’s business, marketing, product strategies, customers, and competition. The outcome was a thorough digital and content strategy that guided us in shaping a global experience that would build credibility and help drive conversion.

Following the strategy phase, we worked tirelessly to engage global client team members to help understand – then craft – a content experience that would balance perspectives and priorities that at times were competing with each other.

Working with a new HP Visual ID system I lead the designers and writers in bringing the content to life on the web using design to help support the story and brand. We divided the deeply complex content into highly digestible and scannable chunks and used typography, color, images, Lottie animation, and illustration to help engage the audience intellectually and viscerally.

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