New Riders, 2001 

Project Scope:

Content Strategy
Book Author
Website Design & Development
Content Development

Early success with JUXT resulted in worldwide invitations to speak on the subject of Flash and web design. Through this experience, I found I was consistently being asked the similar questions, inspiring me to author the book Flash DeConstruction.

 Special thanks to 

Paul Venaas for helping with the book design.


 Yes, I need to dig out a copy of the book and shoot it, sorry.

Having previously co-authored three other books, with this book I wanted to create something unique in the content and through a companion Website. The book itself focused on the process of creating larger Flash-based projects as opposed to simple development techniques found in other texts. Additionally, in-between each chapter, I created an inspiration section featuring ten world-renowned interactive designers. On the book’s companion site, we provided supporting source code for the examples presented in the book. Website visitors also found audio interviews and photo galleries from each of the inspirational designers featured in the book.

Flash DeConstruction was an innovation in publishing through it’s unique approach to the collaboration between printed and digital content.

I owe this book to my very good friend Hillman Curtis, who gave me the opportunity to contribute to and design his first book. His confidence in me gave me the confidence in myself to emulate him and eventually write my own book.

 I love you and miss you Hillman R.I P. 

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