American Airlines, 2009 

Project Scope:

User Experience Design
Website Design & Dev
Web Application Dev
Branded Content

Juxt partnered with multicultural agency Burrell Communications, to help American Airlines connect with their African American customer base in an authentic way.


Black Atlas was a travel portal focused on surfacing culturally relevant highlights in destination cities all across the world. Empowering travelers heading to any city AA flies around the world to find comfortable and welcoming places to stay, visit, dine and experience. Nelson George, known travel personality, visited a number of locations documenting his trips in video, provided as guided tours for the Black Atlas community. Additionally, a small army of travel writers from across the globe offered recommended itineraries and reviews of hotels, and restaurants specifically for African American travels.

A Significant Effort

This project required some pretty sophisticated web application development. We built a content publishing system for the travel writers to submit their stories for American Airlines to review and authorize publication. Articles and writers could be rated by site users allowing the quality content to rise to the top. We were required to tap into AA’s back end systems pulling real time pricing data on trips. Finally we had to allow users to initiate the first steps of the booking process on Black Atlas then elegantly hand off the transaction to AA’s main ticketing system.

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