Coca-Cola, 2002-2011 

Project Scope:

Digital Strategy
Social Strategy
Concept Development
Digital Media
Branded Content
Game Design
Web Applications
Web Site Design & Dev

Serving a decade of happiness…Well, nine years worth anyway….

For nearly a decade, I lead teams working on several Coke brands including “Big Red” itself. We began our relationship when they were just starting their internal interactive marketing team. Over the years, we worked on campaigns, websites, and social initiatives for Coke, Sprite, Coke Zero, Powerade, Dannon Water, and Nestea. Across these projects, my role ranged from Creative Director to Creative Strategist. It was a unique opportunity, and JUXT was a favorite of the Coke marketing team, thanks to our passion, capabilities, and honesty. Over the course of working on Coca-Cola brands, three of our projects set industry benchmark performance records, and we collected a shelf full of awards.

 Open Happiness  

However, being named favorite agency two years in a row was by far the most satisfying metric.


 AD Stretegy 

From 2004-2008 we collaborated with several agencies, including Wieden & Kennedy and Momentum Worldwide on the annual inter-agency advertising strategy.

In our final year working on the Coca-Cola account, the focus was on a special youth program. Due to some unfortunate political maneuvering by one of the agencies the project derailed. In the end, Coke asked me personally to work directly with on of the amazing account directors from Momentum with a limited amount of time to develop and deliver the strategy. We pulled it off and the client team was thrilled with the approach we recommended.

 Example Execution 

Coca-Cola NFL Trivia

Coke bought a season long placement on the ESPN Fantasy Football page, a page that often gets more traffic than ESPN’s homepage, most of which is repeat visitors. For this kind of placement, your typical message driven ad would quickly become ignorable. We needed something that would engage these hardcore football fans week after week. Our response was to develop an ongoing trivia banner unit that was updated weekly. Each week we would generate 100 questions from Sunday’s games and update the ad application. Thanks to the banner’s leaderboard, players started coming to the fantasy football page on Mondays just to play the banner.

 Record Setting Performance 

We generated millions of engagements having tens of thousands playing everyday  maintaining a perfect score all season long.

 Example Execution 

Coke Zero Golf Game 

I love this one, the Coke Zero team came to us because Crispin Porter’s campaign was not performing on a major Yahoo media placement. They asked us to step in and take over. Leveraging some very precise insights we delivered a fun engaging mini-game based campaign that performed very well with the targeted audience.

Example Execution 

Ray’s MySpace Page 

Hey, don’t be a hater. I find this so ironic, we did so much work for Coke on MySpace. At the time executing on MySpace was so important haha. This was a fun little project creating a page for Ray, the main character in a Coke TV spot that was a spin off of GTA game.

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