Sprite, 2010 

Project Scope:

Digital Strategy
Concept Development
User Experience Design
Game Site Design & Development

One of Sprite’s key partnerships each year was the NBA’s Slam Dunk Competition. This unique program came with unique challenges in that the awareness campaign needs to be created without knowing who the contestants were until a week before the launch.

Special Thanks to Keven Hsieh for all the illustration work.


This year we were specifically asked to develop a unique content experience that would reside on NBA.com. Due to the timeline and the basketball season already being in full swing, video and photo shoots were out of the question. Our solution came in the form of a fun online game in which players could design their own branded characters for a Guitar Hero type of game.  Leveraging the custom characters, users could create social avatars and even create print outs to construct a paper model of the character. This unique art and technology direction allowed us to illustrate 3D texture assets for the final Dunk Contest participants to incorporate into the game at the last minute.

 Best Brand Integration 

The NBA was thrilled, as this was by far the highest quality brand-partner integration that they had ever had on NBA.com.

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