Honda, 2010 

Project Scope:

Digital Strategy
User Experience Design
iPad App Design & Development
Content Management Application
Deployment Support
Content Updates

Working with Honda, JUXT created an unprecedented tool to help real auto consumers get much more out of their auto show experience. Traditionally, the audience gets to touch and feel a single configuration for each model, which works for the auto enthusiast. However, for real consumers this is a huge limitation in their ability to visualize the car with all the specific features they desire.


To solve this, we created a highly sophisticated platform built as an iPad app embedded into  wheel stands at the auto show. Next to each car at the show, consumers found an iPad displaying the exact configuration of the car. Potential buyers could use a full-featured configurator to reimagine the car incorporating their personal preferences. They were then able to locate the car based on their personal configuration at a local dealer for test drive or purchase.

 Engagement Generated Sales 

At the autoshow people regularly lined up to use the wheel stand app instead of lining up to get in the car which is typical. More importantly, ten percent of users were tracked to a sale of a Honda from the wheel stand app.

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