SCION, 2013

Project Scope:

Digital Strategy

Social Strategy
Concept Development

Video Directing and Production

User Experience Design

Multi-Touch Interface Design

Multi-Touch Application Development

Sound Design

Following the success of the 2012 Scion Surface project, Scion challenged us to best ourselves for the 2013 auto show season.

Scion Ghost Glass was so much more than an evolution of the previous year’s approach. We simplified the complex, delivering a much deeper, more responsive and content-rich experience. Creating semi-transparent cards to drive the experience, we were able to unlock content in the multi-touch experience and in the real world around the Scion exhibit. Scion enthusiasts were treated to four unique, content-rich experiences. As they interacted, they mixed music which triggered video clips on massive video walls around the exhibit space.

Tapping Instagram, we allowed Scion fans to become a part of the media experience in the show.

It was very satisfying and somewhat appropriate to cap off my time at JUXT with such a brave project. Great client, team and work… What else could I have asked for?

 Thanks to the team: 

Jeff Whitney, Sebastian Bettencourt, Phil Koyna, Andy Bang and Teddy Szegvary for making me so proud on our final project together.

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