SCION, 2011

Project Scope:

Digital Strategy
Concept Development
Video Directing and Production
User Experience Design
Multi-Touch Interface Design
Multi-Touch Application Development
Print Design
Sound Design
Launch Support
Content Updates

Working with the teams at GPJ and Scion, we helped develop a fully integrated approach for the role of technology, user interaction and brand content in the auto show environment.


Opting for a Microsoft Surface solution that allowed users to use a set of eight branded cards to unlock and interact with content in a multi-touch experience. On the face of the card, we featured Scion products and brand content. Laying the card down with this brand side up unlocked supporting photos and videos. On the reverse side, each card featured custom-designed artwork from one of Scion’s international artists. When laid art side up on the screen, each card unlocked one of eight music tracks, which could be mixed and manipulated by physical rotation of the cards. Four Surface tables were placed in the exhibit, one in front of each car model, featuring music inspired by the car. Behind the cars we created large digital video walls that responded to user interaction on the Surface table to display a wealth of custom-designed and -curated content.

 The Results Took Everyone by Surprise  

To say it was a hit would be an understatement, as it literally drew crowds. Throughout each day of the show, we witnessed a constant stream of people interacting with the experience, collaborating on music mixes, dancing and even rapping together. We turned the stodgy auto show environment into what felt like a nightclub experience.

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