Vizio, 2014-2018 

Project Role:

Creative Director

Working with Envoy, I helped lead a  handful of projects for Vizio.


Big Screens for Big Plays

Probably my favorite project for Vizio was the Big Screen for Big Plays campaign. In partnership with the NFL, Vizio gave football fans a chance to win a new big screen TV each time there was a touchdown play of 50 yards or more.

We were given the chance to develop the brand ID and a microsite for the campaign.  I’m particularly proud of how we turned the limitation of not having the permission to use actual players names, likenesses, or even exact team colors into a creative opportunity. Leveraging WebGL generated particles to create a series of dynamically generated action poses used to represent the biggest play of the week and rendered them out in colors similar to the NFL teams. Site visitors could interact with the site content in 3d space making the experience fun to touch. Thanks to Austin and the boys at Leviathan for performing their magic with the particles.

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